MaxRelax Aerobed

Aero bed MaxRelax

MaxRelax Aerobed and how to use it ?

With MAXRELAX you have a very comfortable bed / chair that is compact and easy to use anywhere. The bed is stowed in compact bag with shoulder strap.

When you want to use the bed first unfold it. Open one half of the bed and with several scooping action push the air inside. Repeat it with the other half. After each stroke close the half, in which you insert the air. Take a few iterations, while the two halves of the bed have a sufficient amount of air. Then roll the ends to close it. Finally, fasten the coiled end of the bed with specially provided clasp. Your bed is ready for use and you can relax.

It is normal for the first few times to be more difficult for you to inflate the bed. It will take some time until you learn the proper technique of filling with air. In windy conditions it will be significantly easier.
MAXRELAX AEROBED is made of high quality materials which are resistant to wear. This allows you to use the bed in various places - in the mountains, the sea, even in water. However, watch out for sharp objects that could puncture the bed.
On one side of the bed you have two practical pockets where you can put your smartphone, tablet, book, magazine and others. On the other side there is elastic band, which is used to attach the bed to umbrella - very useful when you are on the beach.
For cleaning the product you can use a damp cloth.