Stainless steel multi purpose wrench Nextool 7 in 1
Size: 15 cm
Portable belt pouch, Adjustable wrench
Knife, Saw
Phillips screwdriver, Bottle opener
Large screwdriver, File
Art. № MW15

Stainless steel multi purpose hammer and axe Nextool 12 in 1
Size: 17 cm, Portable belt pouch
Hammer, Hex Key Wrenchs
Axe, Can opener
Phillips screwdriver, Sharp knife
Double tooth file, Ruler
Fish scaler, Saw
Sharp knife
Art. № MHA17

Stainless steel multi purpose hammer Nextool 17 in 1
Size: 16 cm, Portable belt pouch, Hammer
Survival Hammer, Pliers, Standard pliers
Wire cutter, Sharp knife, Saw
Phillips screwdriver, Wrench 10/8/7/6 mm
Can opener, Tooth knife, File
Slotted screwdriver, Locking Mechanism
Art. № MH16

Stainless steel multi purpose card Nextool
Size: 9 x 5 cm with pouch
Can Opener, Knife
Screwdriver, Ruler
4 position Wrench, Butterfly screw wrench
Saw blade, Angle gauge, hang hole
Art. № PLB155

All multi-tools we offer are crafted of the finest materials and precision machines to provide the maximum accuracy and work-life.
They are manufactured in accordance with U.S Federal and ANSI specifications.

Great for explore, travel camping, fishing, gardener, picnicking, car, bicycle, gift ....