Security alarm lock

Child safety & house security lock with alarm

"Burglar Avoider" is an alarm security lock designed for doors and windows.




This smart and unique product is easily installed and activates immediately when someone attempts to open the doors and windows. Once the alarm is activated, it warns the residents with an alarm sound of 110dB.
It prevents doors and windows from opening with its durable metal body which means it gives you time to take further precautions against an intruder. It is nearly impossible to open the doors and windows by force after installing Burglar Avoider, because it is not a conventional or accessible standard alarm system.
Burglar Avoider can be used as a child security lock as well. It comes in a white color which is suitable for windows, in order to prevent children from opening a window and crawling out.
Burglar Avoider has different color options to match different materials in your home.



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•  Burglar Avoider is an alarm system and security lock in one product.
•  Warns you with an alarm sound of 110dB in any case of danger.

•  Burglar Avoider is installed easily. No need for professional equipment. You can install it by yourself   effortlessly within minutes.
•  Affordable Price

•  Burglar Avoider has a metal mechanism & body so it is very durable and resistant to physical force.


Available colors



Аrt. № АSL-04



Аrt. № АSL-04B