Over 20 years of trading experience

Maxhome and Garden Ltd. is a company, created and based on the trade experience of Digital World Ltd. Regional leader in the development, production and import of consumer electronics and telecommunication products, founded in 2001. Both companies are part of Daisy Holding Group. Our experience and all the connections that we have created during the years let us expand our business with this new range of products. The relations with all big retail companies in Bulgaria have made us a preferred and trusted partner.

We have an experienced team with excellent negotiation skills, which gives us stability in planning, developing and expanding into new markets and products. Our mission is to explore customers’ needs and analyze the possibilities and restrictions of all related technologies to offer the best solution for each customer case.


Quality products at reasonable prices

Maxhome and Garden Ltd aim to import and distribute a broad range of quality and market competitive products. Hand tools, garden equipment and accessories, safe boxes, hardware, safety clothes, bike and automotive products and many others. We do it without compromising quality in very economic terms.

Bring to the local market a portfolio of quality products and brands that expect and satisfy people’s desires and needs.

Through our innovative practice, uncompromising attention to customer needs and the conscientious efforts of our employees, no other company will offer the combination of quality, price and service that we provide.


On-time delivery at a competitive cost

We have been in the business of sourcing and distributing the best quality consumer electronics and accessories from across the globe. We have been offering major brand name products – single source supply to its customers. Over the years, our experience has led us to develop a strong supply chain, fulfilling customer needs and expectations.

The company maintains a large in-house data which enables us to source quickly commodities and materials and makes prompt competitive quotations for any customer requirement with the manufacturers’ information and specification. It is always our endeavor that we coordinate and deal with reputed manufacturers and factories and that meets the satisfaction in terms of quality and price competitiveness of our end users.

Maxhome and Garden Ltd as a part of the multi-diversified general trading holding in various products and services represents many manufacturers and distributors in the competitive market. These arrangements are an asset to reduce operation costs and become more competitive.